View Full Version : [ubuntu] In Defense of Unity - A Hackers Fantasy

July 21st, 2011, 07:31 PM
I have been reading here for the last few days several complaints that have been raised about Unity. I'm not really sure if all the whining is as bad as the buzz makes it sound, but it raises concerns in me about the Linux ethos in general.

What has happened to the hacker ethic? There was once a time where is Unity was presented to the Linux user, it would be openly welcomed as a real hacking challenge. Oh sure, we could have just stayed with Gnome 2, but where is the fun or challenge in that? No, dear readers. Unity is all about learning to hack Unity. Heckfire, I might even Hdate calendar to work in Unity's top panel. Now wouldn't that be an accomplishment? It would hardly even work in Gnome.

I say keep Unity, and learn how to properly hack it out and devlope it to be as fully customizable as Gnome became. Remember in the old days when Gnome really wasn't user friendly? I sure do. And the reason it became great is because we HACKED it great! Let's bring back that feeling one more time! What'a'ya say! :o