View Full Version : [ubuntu] Is xorg server working with the Nvida 96 driver now?

July 20th, 2011, 09:46 PM

I'm checking with you all, to see if the issue is resolved yet in regards to using the Nvida 96 driver on Ubuntu 11.04 and higher. I am using this driver for my Nvida FX 5200 AGP card on Ubuntu 10.4 with acceleration and it works perfectly.

When Ubuntu 11.04 came out, there were issue with this NVidia 096 driver and the new version of xorg server from what I remember. I can use a non accelerated driver, but I really like have a bit more eye candy on this one workstation. I love Ubuntu 10.4 but I really would like to upgrade without upgrading my video card.

Will the issue ever be fixed?

Thank You for you comments.