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July 20th, 2011, 08:46 PM
I have two versions of my 3FDBOOT package, that are identical, one in .tar.lzma (2.6MiB, ideal if you're pinching pennies after losing a great deal on overdownloading) and one in .zip (for those with Windows and RaWriteWin or DD.EXE program, 3.5MiB).

FreeDOS mind you, so it's mostly GPL.

These floppies are designed to be a highly portable boot system for the use of DOS programs. Burn all three images to unused or blank MF 2HD floppies (you will know one when you see one, it's 1.42 MiB 3.5") to experience the usefulness of DOS on older systems.

Installed already, to improve floppy performance, is TICKLE and Lbacache. Copy all files (except kernel.sys and command.com, and change all A:s in fdconfig.sys to (your DOS drive):s in your shiny new install) from all three floppies if you have just installed FreeDOS with SYS (drive): to a blank DOS partition.

And what do you mean by ARCHIVES is a MEMBERS only area? Is it for Ubuntu members only, or UF registered users only?

fdbtflp.tar.lzma (http://jack-gopher.dyndns.org:5000/fdbtflp.tar.lzma) (2.6MiB, tape archive, lzma compressed)
fdbtflp.zip (http://jack-gopher.dyndns.org:5000/fdbtflp.zip) (3.5MiB, Pkzip-compatible ZIP archive created with file-roller)

Please tell me if you find these helpful, e.g. for playing DOS games.

Dr. C
July 21st, 2011, 05:48 AM
Can this be used to do a floppy only install of FreeDOS onto a 286 that has a 10MB Hard Drive and no CD-ROM Drive? It would be very useful if it could.

On another note. Should this be moved to Other OS talk?

July 21st, 2011, 08:07 AM
Quote Dr. C: Can this be used to do a floppy only install on a 286...?
It may need a 386 for EMM386.
Quote Dr. C: Should this be moved to Other OS talk?
No, because that would close the thread.