View Full Version : running netbeans web services problem

July 19th, 2011, 12:51 AM
hello guys, this is my first post due that I'm new on ubuntu.
I have migrated from windows (can't stand it)
and I have installed netbeans 7.0, mySql and phpMyAdmin
I use java as programming language and mySql for dataBase
well my problem is that I can't run an already existing webService (saved on my external hardDrive) or a new created webService(saved on /home/diego/NetBeansProjects/webService)
I think It maybe because of the apache version of the already existing WS on my externalHD which apache 6.x and this one on netBeans 7.0 is apache 7.x but I created a new webservice and I can't test the webservice
Please help me by giving me advice on where to save my projects and what versions of software to use. I really thank you all! btw the ubuntu version that I use is 10.04 LTS
thanks one more time!!