View Full Version : [ubuntu] [Q] Can only boot to Unity if connected to second monitor

July 18th, 2011, 12:09 AM
Hi all,

I have a Sagre NP5135. It has an NVidia 435m with Optimus something something and it has 11.04 and bumblebee installed (an Optimus manager for linux).

If I boot up solo (no second monitor attached), I HAVE to change 'quiet splash' to 'nomodeset' in the grub launch window. If I don't I get a black screen and the computer won't boot. The problem with this is that Ubuntu will ONLY launch Gnome and 1280x1024.

If I connect a second monitor to the HDMI out and just let it boot, I can let it rip and it boots fine into Unity. WTF.

So. What does 'nomodeset' actually do? Is there a way to fake or fix the actual problem? When I first installed 11.04 back in April, everything worked fine. It was when the kernel upgraded to 2.6.38 that it stopped working. I had to reinstall Ubuntu and it didn't give me the option to install 2.6.35.

Any ideas? Bumblebee by itself doesn't seem to fix this issue.