View Full Version : [ubuntu] Motherboard is wrongly detected?

July 16th, 2011, 11:06 PM
Specs are:
Intel Core i3-530 (4.07Ghz)
500GB HDD Western Digital

Alright well I got bored and since I was having networking problems I figured for shits and giggles I would go to terminal and type in lspci -v

So I did that and was looking and it says that my motherboard is a GA-EP45-DS5. Thats a 775 socket from Intel. My Core i3-530 is LGA 1156. So I figured my networking card isn't even the same anyway since these boards are far away in technology advancement. I dualboot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. One thing I found in my searches is the fact that Gigabyte doesn't have Ubuntu drivers for my board but it does for that board. So should I just give up on this and delete Ubuntu? I thought about Hackintosh since I know this board works with Mac OS X86.