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July 16th, 2011, 10:11 PM
Have been messing with this laptop for over a year... HP G60 -- has built in network card (Aethos something)... and FINALLY I got it to work. Took several hours!! But, every time I boot up, I have to run in Terminal: "rfkill unblock all" -- then, "rfkill list all" -- then "exit".... Then, I have to hold the network button for 30 secs or more to activate the network....

Got a Netgear USB wireless, hoping for "plug & play".... Ha... Looked at the list of compatible USB wireless, and noted several that the store had, but the designation on the Ubuntu page is not shown on the box that has the card... they don't list the details of the card!! So, the only way to find out it to buy it and try it, and then get to take it back!!

Is the ANY hardware that Ubuntu supports out of the box? I'm running 10.10 now, soon to be 11.04.

OR, is there a laptop that Ubuntu can work with? Seems as tho' there is always a problem with some piece of hardware!!

When I'm on the road, I am not liking having to constantly futz with the 'puter when I'm trying to log on, use things... etc... etc...

Thanks in advance! DK

July 20th, 2011, 04:19 PM
So, nobody has a favorite laptop? One that works out of the box with Linux? I should then assume that there are none available that are trouble-free? Surely there is SOMETHING out there that does not require hours and hours of time to be able to use the system? Or, maybe not... since no one has replied, I have to assume that 1) this is not an issue for other folks, or 2) nobody cares. :(