View Full Version : [ubuntu] Xinput problem with touchscreen

July 16th, 2011, 06:22 PM

After searching whole day, I figured out how to configure the Xinput, so that the touchscreen actually works correctly (and is not being invertes now swapped anymore).

Thought, when I logged out and in again, the config is gone :|

In order to keep the config, i need to load the config each time the server starts. my question is: where would i need to place the file!?

The content of the file is:

xinput set-prop 8 281 1 x
xinput set-prop 8 279 1 0
xinput set-prop 8 280 100 4000 200 3900

Beside that i dont really know where to place it, I also go the problem that is needs to work when the login screen appears...

Who can help me with this?

Thank you!