View Full Version : [ubuntu] nautilus selected files dim out when chg panel

July 15th, 2011, 08:14 PM
not sure if this is already pointed out (must be i guess) or its a bug, but it hinders work a little.
In Nautilus, when file/files are selected (highlighted orange) they then dim out when you do a right click, or change to the opposite panel, so that I can't see the files that I selected.

Say I'm checking places to copy files to in panel2 and want to add files to the selected, I end up using CTRL click in panel1 and deselect a file (because I can't see its selected, and then reselect it and add others.

It would be nice if they dimmed but stayed highlighted. perhaps there's a setting for 'highlighted files in background panel' color in gnome-color-chooser?

Can we change the orange colour too??:o