View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu and Sandy Bridge

July 15th, 2011, 05:24 PM
Sandy Bridge has been out for seven months or so, and has had the B2/SATA bug corrected for about 3. However, I can't find much recent information on running Ubuntu on a Sandy Bridge (thinking about a 2500k CPU) platform. The last few things I read were that the performance was great unless/until you relied on the integrated GPU, because Linux doesn't have very good drivers for the iGPU.

Can anybody provide up to date information or anecdotes on running Ubuntu with Sandy Bridge? Does the iGPU still not work well? Other than the iGPU, does it behave well? Do all the onboard bells & whistles work out of the box (USB3, eSATA, sound, SATAIII)? Can Ubuntu currently utilize the built-in video encoding enhancements of the platform? If not, is the 3.0 kernel expected to enable this?

I've never tried to put Ubuntu on bleed-/lead-ing edge hardware before. Am I in for a fight? Most of the time when I install it on an older system it is smoother-than-smooth sailing.