View Full Version : [ubuntu] TV Tuner (Gigabyte gt-p8000 & PixelView PlayTV USB DVB-T)

July 15th, 2011, 03:37 PM
Hey ppl.

I've got a problem that is allready all arround the forum but i can't solve it.

I've been trying to install a tv tuner with an ir controller but with no sucess. I've got 2 tv tuners. one over usb (PixelView PlayTV USB DVB-T) and other over pci (Gigabyte gt-p8000). I've followed some tutorials but with no sucess. My ubuntu recognize my pci tv tuner but i can't watch anything on tvtime and the usb tv tuner is recognized but it doesn't appear in the /dev/vid*.

With my usb tc tuner i've even tryied to upgrade my ubuntu to 2.6.38.* because i've saw that it was supported but with no sucess.

Can someone just give me some tips or some tutorial so i can try do make it work?

thanks and sorry for some mistakes in my english :p