View Full Version : [ubuntu] After upgrading from Maverik to Natty wiffi won't connect

July 13th, 2011, 08:55 PM
I am sorry to come with so boring questions, but..
After upgrading my system, nm-applet is unable to connect to wifi networks.
I tried:

$sudo iwlist scan
And it shows all networks, so the card is working.
I did

$sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
But nothing happened.
In nm-applet, available ESSIDs are highlighted, but wireless connection is not.
Must add that with the migration from Maverik, I lost my previous ESSID configs, but now this is not important, as I am trying with a new one.
Any clues?
Thanks a lot!



NetworkManager Tool

State: connected

- Device: eth0 [Auto eth0] ----------------------------------------------------
Type: Wired
Driver: e1000e
State: connected
Default: yes
HW Address: 00:1F:16:37:F2:29

Carrier Detect: yes
Speed: 1000 Mb/s

Wired Properties
Carrier: on

IPv4 Settings:
Prefix: 24 (


- Device: wlan0 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Type: 802.11 WiFi
Driver: iwlagn
State: disconnected
Default: no
HW Address: 00:26:C6:8B:39:CC


Wireless Properties
WEP Encryption: yes
WPA Encryption: yes
WPA2 Encryption: yes

Wireless Access Points
WLAN5E9715: Infra, 00:22:2D:45:E9:BB, Freq 2417 MHz, Rate 54 Mb/s, Strength 44 WEP
GRACEVI1: Infra, 00:01:38:E8:67:9A, Freq 2437 MHz, Rate 54 Mb/s, Strength 45 WPA
ZIVGuest: Infra, 04:FE:7F:93:C0:91, Freq 2412 MHz, Rate 54 Mb/s, Strength 52 WPA
GrupoZIV: Infra, 04:FE:7F:93:C0:90, Freq 2412 MHz, Rate 54 Mb/s, Strength 40 WPA

- Device: wwan0 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Type: Mobile Broadband (GSM)
Driver: cdc_ether
State: disconnected
Default: no