View Full Version : [ubuntu] icon dosn't show properly in notification area

July 13th, 2011, 07:54 PM
in the attached picture you can see that the skype icon (which is green) is hidden by something else.
It all started when I tried to install skypetab in order to make my life a bit easier (I am a heavy user of skype). The installation failed and I had to restart my computer. ever since then I lost the icon of skype. I tried almost everything and that includes banging my head into the screen ;)
I have ubuntu 11.04.
I re installed skypetab (a successful installation) didn't work.
I removed skypetab
I removed skype and reinstalled it.
I tried to play with the theme files.
I cannot do anything else, I am just looking at the icon and cannot focus at work.
Anyone have any idea what I can do?
BTW, I tried googling it in the past few days with no luck.

I hope this is the proper place to post it. I know skype is a 3rd party software but I think this is an issue related to the desktop and how icons are handled in the notification bar.