View Full Version : [ubuntu] networked printing on Natty: how do I specify my network id

July 13th, 2011, 06:22 PM
I am trying to enable my laptop running Natty to print via a university "ePrint" system.

I've used the printer installing gui/utility in Natty to select the server, queue, and a driver, so as far as I can see the printing system is installed.

But now I need to somehow add my network id to the print command. The generic instructions from the university support desk ("I am sorry but we too stupid to support Linux") are:

"When you send print jobs from your personal Unix or Linux system, you
need to include your Network ID as a parameter to the lpr printing

From a GUI/XWindows application, you will need to modify the print
command. This is usually changed within the Print dialog box, often
under the Properties button for the selected printer.
Add "-U" followed by your NetID to the print command."

But if I select the printer and use properties (or anything else in the gui) there is nowhere to specify my netid. When I try to print something then no dialogue box opens asking for my netid.

How can I specify my netid?