View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bought A Asus G73-SW Laptop And need help!

July 13th, 2011, 02:53 PM
Hello there.

I have been using ubuntu on various desktops Ive built for a few years now. I have a very basic understanding of using it, but virtually no CLI knowledge..

Now I bought a Asus G73-SW Laptop as a replacement for my desktop that died. It came with windows but me being disgusted by all things M@crosoft I wiped it and put ubuntu 11.04 64 bit on it...

So far it runs but a few features I would like to use need some tweaking so i was hoping you fine folks could help me out.

So heres the list:

The backlit keyboard doesnt light up at all.. (Not a big deal I know but I tend to do a lot of work in the dark / lowlight.)

Whenever I plug ANYTHING into the usb 3.0 port the whole system kernel panics :(

The built in subwoofer doesnt work at all. (As i am a graphic designer I need this for presenttions .etc.)

Thirdly I am going to be using this to play starcraft 2 and other games in wine. (already got them running) but im having troubles with two pieces of equipment I use. First off my razer megaladon doesnt work at all, secondly I was wondering does the razer nostromo / Belkin n52te work at all?

Ive tried googling for a few days but have had no luck. I reccently had to reload windows on my machine to ensure i could get work done but would much rather use ubuntu...

So if anyone could patiently help me I would be very appreciative...