View Full Version : [ubuntu] Laptop Keyboard unresponsive after watching video

July 13th, 2011, 04:26 AM
Hi guys, having an issue with my Toshiba Satellite u505-s2950 laptop and Ubuntu 10.10.
I've read some similar issues on laptop keyboards, but none really fit my problem, so I started a new thread.
After watching a video, tested on Youtube, full screen or not, I realize that the keyboard isn't functioning. Letters, numbers, arrows, all of it. My mousepad will continue to function, I can still move the mouse and click on buttons using the touchpad or physical thumb-buttons. If I click on a blank space to type, there is no blinking cursor.
Also, here's the strange part, the top toolbar also glitches out. If it requires a drop down, like applications/places/system, or on the power button on the right corner, it will highlight, but no drop down menu will appear. At this point, my only fix is to hold down the computers power button until it restarts. It doesn't seem to affect my USB keyboard, but I haven't verified that fully yet.
This leads me to believe there might be a codec or video/graphics problem instead of a physical hardware problem. I could be completely wrong. Don't know if this is a common issue. Any fixes would be appreciated to be written down step-by-step, especially if there's command prompt involved. Thanks guys!