View Full Version : [ubuntu] A question for HP laptop users out there.

July 12th, 2011, 06:12 PM
Hello there fellow geeks,
I've been really glad to have a girlfriend willing to try Ubuntu. She has an HP Pavilion d6something, but it doesn't really matter. Our problem is this: after defeating the horrors of mobile broadband setup and shrinking the main /C: partition, I've stumbled upon having 4 primary partitions counting the 100meg bootloader (SYSTEM), now 370gig /C:, 22gig RECOVERY, and some 100meg partition with some "HP bios" folder (celled HP TOOLS). I don't know what it is supposed to do, though I suspect nothing more than some BIOS menu replacements with HP logos). I suggesed deleting the recovery partition (I don't believe there is a point in it's existence, moreover she doesn't backup anyways). Another way would be to delete the "HP TOOLS" whatever, but the bios word scares me. Ofc BIOS is not installed there, but still.
So, are there any HP users to have solved this out there ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not really sure if this belongs here, so feel free to move it.
Thanks, have a nice day :P

Oh, edit: I resized the /dev/sda2 (Windows /C: ) using gparted from liveCD of natty from 470 to 370gig and now therefore we have 100 gigs of unallocated.