View Full Version : [OT] looking for a place to live

July 10th, 2011, 10:47 PM
I'm going back and forth between whether I should get a roommate when I move to Concord in the fall. I figure a Linux user would be a good roommate, so I thought I'd check here.

It's not hard to find information about me on the web if you're checking up for roommate credentials. Some of it is in my signature, but I figure I'd share here too:

Co-Host: http://musicmanumit.com
Former President: http://madisonlinux.org
Former Organizer: http://openeverything.us/
Status.Net profile: http://280.status.net/douglasawh

Former Sports Blog: http://sportazine.com
Neglected Website: http://opensourceplayground.org

You probably have questions like "Do you stay up late?" and such, but we can discuss that stuff in private messages if someone is interested.