View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgraded to 11.04, unable to change resolution

July 10th, 2011, 02:45 PM
Alright, I was running Ubuntu just fine until I got a notification that 11.04 was available, so I figured why not try it out? After completing the installation, I noticed that my resolution had been set to 1024x768 which looks rather poor on this monitor. (Ideal is 1280x1024)

After noticing that my monitor was unable to be detected, I started Googling for hours... And hours... And trying command after command in terminal I am finally stuck, and need your help!

Also, when I go in to Administration > Additional Drivers, I see "NVIDIA Accelerated graphics driver [version current])" as well as "Experimental 3D support for NVIDIA cards" but BOTH say "This driver is activated but is not currently in use"