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July 10th, 2011, 02:35 AM
okay here is the scenario
at my home i have my "server" computer.
IBM thinkcentre
3.00ghz P4 hyperthreader
1gb ram
DODO wireless broadband (average connetion speed 300kb)
ubuntu 11
\\ this machine handles my household. shares internet through a router. (no wireless in it yet.) (i can't give it domains, thanks to win 7 starter and my DSI)

target machine
1.2ghz amd athlon XP (old machine)
256mb Ram
Vodafone wireless broadband (not set in stone, but most likely)
windows XP (must be windows...)

now that you have a run down on the machines in question.
what i need to do is have complete control over the target machine (my little brother's computer) and be able to lock programs up on the fly. control what websites are accessible. the fun part is that my server is not always online... so it has to be able to run seperate for upto 36hrs before "locking" (disabling anything fun until my server has confirmed connection) (to prevent him just pulling the internet dongle and playing on school days...)

any ideas? (freeware would be awesome)
thanks for your time guys.

July 10th, 2011, 03:53 AM
You mentioned the memory amounts...could you be a little more specific? What is the brand of memory and if you could provide any specifications of clock rate or maybe a direct link to the manufacturer's support page that would help better answer your question.