View Full Version : [ubuntu] Created Wireless network not detected by other devices

July 8th, 2011, 05:32 PM

i have/want to create a wireless network with my wireless card on my laptop to share my internet with my phone and other laptop.

as i gather, this is very possible.'
however my attempts to create such have not worked. i do create them with Network-Manager. so far i have tried both infrastructure and ad-hoc modes.

after creating them, i discover that none of my other hardware can detect the network when its supposedly connected.
also, i usually cannot connect them unless i click on the connect to a hidden network button then choose from a drop down box.

im guessing that means the networks i create are hidden? but i cannot find any option in Network Manager that hides or unhides them.

i run ubuntu 11.04 on a aspire 5517. please help