View Full Version : [all variants] Issues with Chilli Spot

July 7th, 2011, 08:50 AM

I want to configure Chilli SPot Captive Portal ,
I have 2 distros of linux one is CentOS 5.5. & Other is Ubuntu (Dont know the exact version but 10. something LTE)

On both the systems I Have 2 NIC cards
ETH0 -> External Configured for Internet
ETH1 -> Internal Configured for Access Points

chillispot is assigning the IP Address successfully to my wireless AP's
192.168.182.x series which is default ip range of chillispot

Now when I access my internet with my wireless I am getting chillispot login page on both the servers

but only 1 user is able to login using the portal, if i try to login with another user i does not get any chillispot login page it directly gets access to the internet.

I am lost as of now any assistance or insight on this would be of great help

Thanks in Advance