View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wireless network will not work under ubuntu ?

July 6th, 2011, 05:55 PM
Hello All,

I am trying to set up a adhoc wireless network so that I can connect my Phone to the internet via my Wifi card/wired Internet connection. I have tried the phone on other Windows networks and it works without any problem and have even gone to the hassle of putting Windows XP on this machine which worked fine out of the box. Ubuntu is another thing altogether. I seem to have tried every available setting without any luck and have even tried a few online step by step guides which never seem to match pop up box's I get when I'm trying to configure the wireless access point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.I have reached the limit of my patience and now have two options stamp on the pc and put it in the bath or even worse install and use Windoze after 5 years absence !!!