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July 6th, 2011, 01:25 PM
howdy again

After a recent upgrade to natty
Have been trying to get unity working and just posting a new thread hoping for guidance specific to my machine.
My system has a crt monitor connected to onboard 1/0 vga plug as well as an analogue tv connected to a graphics card with an s-video connector and connects to scart on tv. Just trying to clarify ....

Okay as an overview here is the sequence of events after changing bios chipset confug and selecting on board graphics as default>reboot after saving>bios splash>black screen with cursor> out of range
At this stage i try guessing login ooptions ie return>Password>return
alt+sysreq+R/E/I/S/U/B no worky so have to use reset switch on front panel of pc tower....

Restart cycle again round n round....

However if i change bios settings to use PCI-E slot and reboot after saving settings iget graphic card splash then bios splash then black and white vertical stripes with some white horizontal barring until the log in screen appears then i can log in as usual..Unity was and has worked but has stopped since i tied to activate cube....

I have been trying to get a dual view or switchable single screen but am struggling to achieve a multiple monitor set up with unity cube and multiple displays working

So rather than me trying to give summary of what i think which would only be speculation; perhaps a kind person could take a step by step how to specific for me and my machine

I have just finished a new installation of natty 32bit

So ... where do i start to get unity cube and multiple screens working?

Thanks in advance.

July 6th, 2011, 02:44 PM
Okay looking around forums i found a thread/post with this
http://ubuntu4beginners.blogspot.com/search/label/Unity link on Krytariks signature...:popcorn:

Unity now back on ... yeeeehah!
What i did was
Follow instructions here

and then follow instructions here
then due to outcome of that... unity installed but not being used i guessed
unity --reset then
sudo reboot

Still working.

Now i go and try this
http://amazingubuntucube.blogspot.com/ for cube again.

Any advice on multiple screen set up?