View Full Version : [ubuntu] replace LibreOffice icons

July 5th, 2011, 01:22 AM
I am running Ubuntu 11.04 and I don't like the way the libreoffice writer and spreadsheet icons look in the Unity panel. I found some Faenza icons that look nicer, but I only want to change the libreoffice icons, not the whole icon set. I have installed Faenza icons, so they should be accessible. Is there a way I can substitute only those two icons for the ones showing in my panel?

Frogs Hair
July 5th, 2011, 01:59 AM
It is easier with some icon themes than with others . If you are just swapping images , you need to locate the Apps folder for the set you are currently using and find the Libre Office icons .

In some cases you can replace the icons you don't want with the ones you do if you know what size is being used . Remember to rename the icon if needed with correct file type , .png , .svg , or whatever is being used .

There is not one way to go about the task because not all icon sets are setup the same . I have learned through trial and error. If the icon set is located in the file system usr/share/icons you may need open nautilus as root to change the items.

If the icons are in home/hidden foldes/.icons root permissions are not needed. Good Luck !