View Full Version : [ubuntu] A program wants access to my keyring??

July 4th, 2011, 08:06 AM
All the computers on my network are randomly asking me to give access to the keyring. "A program wants to access the default keyring" I have iftop running and I have weird connections from all over the world coming in. I have used the TOR network before just to see what it is. I never downloaded any files from it and have since deleted tor. All of the addresses which are connecting to my network relate to a tor address when i google them. Also when I gave access to the keyring on my media server without thinking about it the first thing that happened was a VNC Server started running.

So have I been compromised?
How can I find out what program wants to use the keyring? It only says "a program wants access to the keyring default".
And is the tor network just looking for me. Or is it attacking me?