View Full Version : creating a mmorpg to host on my own server

June 23rd, 2011, 01:55 PM
hey guys! i am highly interested in creating an online only, mmorpg to host on my own servers built using linux. or some kind of programming language that is based around linux. i have seen many kinds of these games online and i have a unique vision for one that i would love to bring to life and get online. i don't have any sort of programming skills but i can learn. i'm looking for a language that is fairly easy to use and understand but i would really like to get a package where i can create the worlds, characters, missions, combat systems, online store, patch upgrades, all that stuff will relative ease and be secure from hackers. what you do suggest?

i'm going to be talking to my ISP about getting a business account so that i can have higher bandwidth and i will be starting very small for now and building my system up as time, money and space permit. thanks!!

June 23rd, 2011, 02:19 PM
What exactly are you expecting to hear? You have no programming skills at the moment and you want to create an MMORPG. That's about the furthest "experience" and "goal" can be away from each other.

Start learning about C, C++ and 3D computer graphics, then 3D physics. Try contributing to a project as The Mana World (http://themanaworld.org/) (2D) to learn more about MMORPGs. Write down your ideas about your MMORPG and maybe in months from now you can start creating it. Don't worry about buying more bandwidth just yet :)