View Full Version : [ubuntu] Movie Player acting buggy with Natty

June 23rd, 2011, 07:09 AM
Been using Movie Player for years with no problems playing music mp3 files until now with Natty. When playing mp3 music files the song plays through OK but sometimes I cannot move the Time Slider around either backwards or forward. Other times I can move the Time Slider anyway I want like with earlier versions of Ubuntu.

When I can't move the slider the slider area stays white.
I close Movie Player, restart it then it usually lets me move the slider around and the slider area turns orange. Sometimes I have to restart Movie Player a couple time to unfreeze the slider so it can be moved while the song is being played.

This only seems to happen when playing mp3 files.
When playing ogg files the slider always is able to be moved back and forth.

Anyone know how to debug this?