View Full Version : [all variants] FREE SC Magazine Subscription

June 22nd, 2011, 02:59 PM
I have re-posted this thread as there seemed to be some distrust of the link i provided previously.

So instead of repeating myself here is the magazine itself (very well known in the IT Security Professional industry)

If you go to the site if you are indeed interested in a free subscription which would cost you 72 upwards then you can contact them direct from there site.

They will email you with a link to get a free subscription (which is genuine), they dont want any money or personal details other than address to post magazine too and generic work/industry details to see you qualify as working in the industry.

I am in no way affiliated to them, i just enjoy the magazine and so am sharing my wealth.

If you dont trust the link they send you then dont click it or dont provide your details or just pay the 72 for a subscription instead ;-)