View Full Version : [SOLVED] EarCandy Broke Sound Output in 11.04

June 19th, 2011, 03:51 PM
I have had a problem with none of the microphone inputs working after upgrading to Ubuntu 11,04 64-bit on my Toshiba A665 laptop with 4-core Phenon processor. This includes the internal mic, mic jack and Logitec C610 webcam. All worked before upgrading to 11.04. The broken mic input means no Skype calls.

Today I noticed that there was an application called EarCandy that is suppose to add functionality to PulseAudio, so I installed it to see if the auto-detect features would fix my mic problem.

EarCandy completely broke the two apps I tested: Skype and RadioTray. Now neither will output sound. The Ubuntu start-up desktop sound scheme also quit. So it seems that EarCandy killed all sounds that heard while it was briefly installed.

How do I get sound output back on Skype and RadioTray?

Secondarily, any idea on how to fix my mic input issue?

June 21st, 2011, 03:46 AM
I'm not sure why but the audio inputs, both internal mic, audio jack, and webcam mic started working today. The only thing that I've done since installing and removing EarCandy was to apply Upuntu updates as they are available.

Both Skype and Radio Tray are now fully functional and things are the way they were in 10.10. Life is good again.