View Full Version : Compile usbhid module in kernel 2.6.29

June 19th, 2011, 01:34 PM
Hi guys,

anyone have a sample to create usbhid driver module in linux kernel 2.6.29? i need to compile a custom hid driver is because i need special function that usbhid doesn't have.
i try to compile usbhid source from kernel 2.6.29, but kernel crashed when i run it. after trace, looks like the error comes from

__hid_register_driver function.
in this line

ret = driver_register(&hdrv->driver);

i use these files
- hid-core.c (usbhid)
- hid-core.c (hid -- need to comment the start and finish module function)
- hid-debug.c
- hiddev.c
- hidraw.c
- hid-input.c
- hid-pidff.c

really appreciate for your help. thank you.