View Full Version : [ubuntu] ABC Navigator

Don Vosper
June 18th, 2011, 09:08 AM
Can anyone tell me how I can get ABC Navigator, a musuc notation program, to play its midi tunes in Ubuntu 11.04?
I found a few references to this in searches but I can't find a solution. I gather that Ubuntu does not support midi as it stands but is there something that can be downloaded, reasonably easily, that does this?
I've managed to get my g4fon Morse Code trainer working with sound in Ubuntu but I guess the doesn't use Midi.
I have seen a suggestion that Kubuntu 11.04 does support midi but I am having the same problems connecting wirelessly to the internet (Another story) as I initially did with Ubuntu. Not getting anywhere in that direction for the moment.

Don, m5aky
Brisrol UK