View Full Version : [SOLVED] Grooveshark screen is mostly white

June 18th, 2011, 03:36 AM
In an attempt to find a good version of the Ievan Polkka, I went to visit Grooveshark, only to find that apart from the top Grooveshark bar and the middle play-controls bar, everything else is white.

I have installed Flash using Flash-aid. I have Java 6u26 installed manually and verified by the Java website.

What to do?

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Not an ABP problem.

June 18th, 2011, 04:34 AM
Yes, mine is too, I really hope this problem is solved. :/

June 18th, 2011, 04:46 AM
Hm, same problem here. Running Chromium 11.0.696.71 (86024) at the moment.

June 18th, 2011, 06:54 AM
Well, it seems to be working now. :) (Just FYI)

June 18th, 2011, 03:49 PM
Working now. Must be a Grooveshark problem then.