View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network Music Library problems with Banshee

June 17th, 2011, 04:25 AM
Hi peeps, I'm really digging the Banshee included with 11.04. I scanned all my music that I have on a NAS drive that I connect to using Samba. It took a few hours, but it recognized (from what I can tell ~10000 songs). Now however, the playback is an issue because the music folder is not on the local harddrive. I had problems like this with Rhythmbox in 10.04, subsequently it was fixed in 10.10; but now Banshee in 11.04 is having the same sort of problem. Basically, I can browse any of my songs, but can only play back one song in the album. Banshee basically freezes for ~2-5 minutes after the song plays, then it can play the next one. So, I assume that there must be some sort of Samba/network incompatibilities with Banshee? Do you guys know how to resolve this?