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June 15th, 2011, 08:46 PM
After a bit of a hiatus in the world of linux, almost 2 years due to illness, I am once again enjoying Ubuntu and what progress it has made. Was sad to see Fuoco Tools project ended and the merging never seem to go anywhere either (from what I can tell). I decided to get Fuoco Tools going again and created a fork in the project called Fuoco Tools - AE.

For those that have not heard about Fuoco Tools (By Creative2) it's a front-end for ffmpeg and mencoder to convert audio and video.

What did I do? I mainly cleaned it up and brought it up to date, see ChangeLog.Txt for more information. Please refer to the ReadMe.Txt file for complete installation instructions. I'm also on bitbucket.org for the open source development and put a survey online as well to help me with some direction. Please take the survey after you have tried it out.

Fuoco Tools - AE Download (http://adf.ly/1uv65)

Fuoco Tools - AE Survey (http://adf.ly/1ooo6)



June 22nd, 2011, 04:53 PM
I was glad to see some people are trying out Fuoco Tools. I will be releasing an update soon to address some of the issues, this may be the last release before a major update. I have been working on some ideas the past week and would like your input. My goal is to make this a conversion only program that will be user friendly and still have options for the more advanced user.

Here are some screenshots of what I have started on for the major update...

This is the screen you will see when you first start Fuoco Tools. I think it is mostly self explanatory, very clear on your choices.


This is the screen you will see if you select MP3 & Audio. On the right side you have your Profile Settings, these are predefined options. After you select the profile you can then adjust the settings even further with the selections just below. For the advanced user you can change the option even more by manually changing the Execution Command, located at the bottom of the dialog window.

On the bottom right you can see an Output Window, this will display the progress.


This is not set in stone yet so any input you can give would be appreciated. I am also looking for someone who would be interested in donating some time into designing some icons. What you see in the main dialog/first image is the look I am leaning towards.

Keep in mind this is just brainstorming; the values you see in the second image do know reflect the true output of the command line. I just put that command line for clarity. :)




November 29th, 2011, 07:21 PM
Trying to install Fuoco Tools - AE on Ubuntu 11.10

Warning about Kommander not installed, but it is indeed (version 4:4.7.2):

Fuoco Tools installation found...
Copying and removing old config file in /tmp...Done.
Removing previous Fuoco Tools installation...Done.
Installing Fuoco Tools...Done.
Checking for kommander...not found.

Warning: kommander is not installed!

What would you like to do?

1. Install Fuoco Tools
2. Uninstall Fuoco Tools
3. Exit


I read and followed the ReadMe.txt. Does not work :(
Any help appreciated