View Full Version : [ubuntu] Java and Delphi Editor

June 15th, 2011, 06:05 PM
Hi Guys,
im new in Ubuntu and i have 2 Problems

I have to bulid Programms with Java in school, so i downloaded Netbeans, it's a great program, but is there any option, that the program show my "Answer" in an external field, browser.
(On windows i use, "Java Editor" from Röhner... so the Editor put the Programm into a "DOS" field. is there an Option for Netbeans too?

And the second, I want to made a program for a girlfriend, :) and i think its to complicated to install java on her computer and show how to use the program, and long time ago i bulid my programms with Delphi, I know that is a bad Language but i think its right for her :) (Java width Graphic ist to complicated for me ...)

So is there a good editor for it? (I hope that the editor have a compailer for delphi)

Greetz Floh

THX for help and sry for my bad bad english :(