View Full Version : [ubuntu] Eclipse and Qt

June 14th, 2011, 05:51 AM
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
I have done this multiple times:

Install Eclipse manually to a directory MyName, then I include CDT plugin.
I download this QT package: qt-eclipse-integration-linux.x86_64-1.6.1.tar.gz
then I installed Qt plugin manually by extracting it per instruction in folder MyName.
I was not able to specify locations of Qt BIN and Include paths. So I could not proceed.
I did a search for QtCore and found where the files are, assuming I am correct.
I included path to to QtCore.
i also did a search for "qmake" and include its location, but the dialog box told me the
path are wrong paths... ... Ouch!

So, now I delete entire Eclipse install and start over. This has been like two days of going no where.... Double Ouch!

I am now installing Eclipse from Synaptic Package manager.
It only install Eclipse Galileo.
Then I tried to install Helios from within Eclipse, it download and attempt to install, but came back with failed to installed message. However, i was able to install CDT plugin form within Eciipse.

Now I could not find the folders where eclipse was installed.
I did a search using the search application from menu item like so: Places>Search
I got this result of files with “eclipse.....” name attached to it in the following folders:

This is strange since I was able to run Eclipse from the Application>Programming>Eclipse menu item.
So eclipse is installed some where. Where is it?

How do I find it?

Does any know how to install QT plugin from within Eclipse via its Help>Install New Software menu?

It has been a struggle