View Full Version : [ubuntu] laptop will not boot after partial install

June 13th, 2011, 01:46 AM
I got a Sony Vaio PCG-4G1L in 2003 with Windows XP Pro on it and upgraded it recently to Windows 7. What I didn't know was that upgrading XP to 7 would change it from 32-bit to 86-bit and therefore not support a lot of graphics drivers.I used UNetBootin to install Ubuntu 11.04 and it crashed during the installation. Now when I boot my laptop it flashes the Vaio logo then just changes to a screen with the cursor in the top-right corner. All the lights are on(the bluetooth and the wireless lan, and mute) and I tried booting from cd's, dvd's, usb thumb drives, external hard drives, I even took the hard drive out and put in my desktop and installed ubuntu in there. Now when I boot the laptop will not go into BIOS anymore and I replaced the BIOS battery.

What I have to play with:
1: A Sony Vail PCG-4G1L (out of warranty)
2: A working HP Media Center Edition 2004 with XP Pro
3: Lots of CD's and DVD's
4: A 500GB external Hard drive
5: 2 16GB USB Flash Drives

What can I do to make it boot into Ubuntu?