View Full Version : [ubuntu] two versions of Python

June 10th, 2011, 08:12 PM
Hello, this is my first thread in Ubuntu, so you may assume I'm an absolute beginner, with only three weeks of Ubuntu usage.
Anyways, I have Ubuntu 10.10 which came with Python 2.6. And since I am learning to program in Python also, I am switching back and forth between Python IDLE and iPython, until I can decide for one of them.
Then I tried to upgrade to Python 2.7, and there's a problem: the packages are stored by default in the library of Python 2.6, so I can't read them when I use Python IDLE (2.7).
On the other side, if I use iPython it does read the modules, and it says that it is running version 2.6. So now I'm curious why they are running two different versions.
If I try to uninstall Python 2.6 the computer makes a big deal, so I will conform myself to not use it at all, and have the packages installed in the 2.7 library, and also iPython running the version 2.7 of Python.
Thank you.