View Full Version : [ubuntu] firefox adobe pdf problem after install

June 8th, 2011, 11:07 PM
This same thing happened when I was running 9.10, it's happening again in 10.04. I install adobe reader (newest version from the website, deb). All of the other pages I go to that use PDF work fine, but when I use usps's online service to print shipping lables, first it is supposed to come up as a pdf, then I print the pdf. After I install adobe reader it doesn't bring up the pdf to print, the webpage just gets hung up and repeatedly tries to load the pdf. I have to use adobe reader for school because we have these PDF chapters that we download that require a password to be unlocked, I can't unlock them with the pdf reader that comes with the ubuntu install, I have to use adobe. But adobe won't print, the page just gets hung up and I have to print it out from google chrome instead. Is there a way to fix adobe reader so that it doesn't get hung? Or is there a way to fix the ubuntu pdf reader so that I can unlock the pdf? That way I can make the working pdf reader the one that I use in firefox.

by the way, my version of firefox is 3.6.17, I think it was the same version in 9.10.