View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP zd7260us random pops / clicks from audio

June 5th, 2011, 06:31 PM
So here I am, trying to dive into the world of Ubunut and Linux. I have an HP zd7260us notebook computer that I'm breathing life into and have made good progress. Main issues are:
- Wireless card (Broadcomm) [Solved with tedious steps]
- Video (nVidia 3d support issues) [Still a pain, but working OK - No unity 3d yet]

The sound works for the most part. It's an Intel AC'97 variant. The issue is that I get random pops and clicks, even when no audio is playing. Random clicks when launching apps or typing. Very strange. I can almost always hear a pop when I start playing audio, so it does seem quite problematic for general audio use.

I've studied the following threads and pages:

My specific hardware configuration was uploaded here:

Help!! I'm pretty good with the bits and bytes of it all, but I just want to know how to fix this popping and clicking. Don't really have a ton of time to patch together ALSA source and modules and the like. I imagine that this has happened to other people given the popularity of this chipset.

It's worth noting that I'm currently using the experiemental nouveau drivers for the NVIDIA Go5200 video chip I have. It's the only one that adequately lets me run Blender.

Any tips are appreciated!