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June 5th, 2011, 04:52 PM
First of all, sorry if I missposted this, but I was doubting between networking and multimedia. But since my question is somewhat more general (not that network specific) I thought I'd post it here.

Ok so I've been reading up on Asterisk but I'm left with a few questions. So the basic idea is that you install some hardware which allows you to use your computer for both VoIP calls and Analog calls.

But how would this work out in a company environement? If you have a large number of people working in a building (about 1000-1500).
Do you set up a server with the required hard- and software for the entire building, I would think so, it wouldn't be widely used if you had to install it on every host right? If so, where do you go from there?
What do you connect this server to, the phone company or the router? I don't know much about telephone companies but I know that a router can't do anything with an analog phone-number right?

Going to keep looking for some more information. But any input would be apreciated :)



I've added a little network scheme to clearify things and to ask one more question.
As you can see I'm using MPLS VPN to connect to other sites. This was the modem I ment in my first questions. This is the main reason I'm reading up on Asterisk. How can it be used to provide VoIP with the remote sites and be able to make analog calls. I hope I made it a little clearer what I ment