View Full Version : What's your favorite password manager app?

June 4th, 2011, 11:02 AM
Whenever I build a new website, the login data piles up really fast: passwords for the website dashboard, the database, Google Apps e-mail, Facebook and Twitter pages, etc. I can easily rack up over 10 different passwords to keep track of before a website is finished.

I've been looking into using a password manager to set up one master password for all accounts related to each web project.

Another consideration was that it might be good in case I hire outside contractors, like to moderate comments or add content. They can get access to do the work they need. But if anything goes wrong, I can just change the master password, and not change the passwords to 10+ accounts. And they would never see the actual passwords for individual accounts, or am I wrong?

Has anyone else done this? Do you have advice on managing passwords securely and conveniently? If know any other good password managers, please share.