View Full Version : [ubuntu] Music for dance classes/workshops - Audio package

June 3rd, 2011, 06:59 PM
'Kay folks,

I DJ occasionally, no mixing, pitch meddling, scratching anything of that nature, just picking and playing the tracks which are usually crossfaded. This is as support for dance lessons and social/set dancing.

Back in my windows days I used SAM Party DJ from Spacial Audio which was perfect for my requirements which are:-

Single playlist with ability to use presaved lists and edit on the fly
Library search
Ability to have both library and playlist windows open at once and drag 'n' drop
Ability to monitor/cue tracks while another is playing (two sound devices)
Ability to estimate BPM (may compromise on this if Library has good tagging features)

Although SAM PDJ will run under WINE I have been unable to get it to play friendly with more than one audio device at a time, which is a dealbreaker.

No Ubuntu package I've tried so far offers all the features I require and I'm heading towards my wits end trying to work around the limitations imposed while gigging.

Any suggestions gratefully received, prefer not to go down the dual boot route if I can avoid it.