View Full Version : [ubuntu] ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 working bad

June 2nd, 2011, 02:12 PM

I have a DELL D600, and there is a VGA card called:

ATI Mobility RADEON 9000

I use the latest ubuntu (now it is 11.04) and i am not satisfied with the graphic support. It seems that the graphic driver is not installed properly...


watching a youtube video, the audio is great, but the video is lagging, very-very laggy
opening a pdf document, or a website, and scrolling down, i can see refreshing the display, and it is really slow, really annoying
opening a directory (with one 5kB "large" file in it) takes about 2 seconds

I know that my computer isn't the best it has 1,6Ghz CPU, and 1 GB RAM, but i am sure, that this is not normal. (on windows XP was no such problem)

On ubuntu 9.04 I found a fixing, to xorg.conf, but it is not working on this distribution, and I am pretty sure, that fixing wasn't the best, only a temporary solution.
Today there was an Xorg update, but nothing happend with this problem, please help me.

Thanks a lot