View Full Version : [ubuntu] Final Touch Before I Can Let Go Of Windows.. Probably an easy one! Help needed.(jack)

June 2nd, 2011, 08:48 AM
Hello guys, the title says it all! ;) I am currently running ubuntu 11.04 on my test computer, and this time I have managed to get Spotify, video, wlan etc to work so I am very happy with that. The thing is that I am a "proffesional" guitarist and live in a appartment so I must use my computer to pratcice, before I have used guitar rig and software like that. So now I am willing to use Rakarrack instead. I have a Line 6 Toneport UX1, Which I have installed the drivers for and managed to get it to work so much that I can listen to music from it and record into "audio recorder" with it. So it pretty much seems to work when I run sudo alsamixer I can see it and choose different ports and what so ever. BUT When I want to use it in rakarrack I suddenly cant find it, it only shows my other soundcards under the menu "ALSA". I have also tested Patchage but here I can only see the System_Capture1 and 2 and System_out... Is there a way I can make my Toneport my System_Capture and System_out?? Thank you very much in advance, I am so excited to do all of this!

Best Regards Philip. AND sorry for bad english ;)