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May 31st, 2011, 03:14 PM
Hi all,

I am currently in need for a "simple" approach to somehow organize my MP3 files. I guess my need is not very common issue. At least I didn't find an approach which suited me.

OK, here is my problem:
I have currently two different folders as MP3 archive. They might share certain artists while having other artists I dislike. The reason behind this is simple. One folder are the MP3s which I converted / processed / gathered and the other folder are the MP3s of a friend.
The simple approach to merge them would be copying everything into one folder which I currently dislike because the folder with my friends MP3 files has a lot of interprets which I dislike.

I'd like to invest the time both to clean out unwanted albums as well as blacklisting interprets / albums / folder names, e.g. deleting the Mambo music folder (which I completely dislike :))

After cleaning up the folder I could merge it with "my" MP3 collection. The result would be a cleaned up version of all MP3s. That is somehow the easiest part.
Blacklisting (e.g. copy folder name to textfile) and deleting folders could be done using a simple Nautilus script.

What bothers me more is the fact that we exchange music from time to time. For my part I simply hand over my current folder to my friend. The fun part now starts if he gives me his collection.
Then I would like to have a solution handy which
1) finds out the differences between my merged MP3 collection and the copy of his collection
2) eliminates differences based on the blacklist (Example: I do not care if he has Mambo collection in his collection which I deleted)
3) highlights the differences minus the blacklisted stuff
4) provides an easy approach to sync my MP3 collection with the stuff highlighted in step 3)

All MP3 files are stored in a similar approach: genre (or artist) -> album title

For example:

Are there any good MP3 organizers out there of blacklisting stuff, dealing with temporary collections (e.g. copy of friend) and synching with your own collection ?