View Full Version : [ubuntu] freeze booting ubuntu

May 30th, 2011, 07:52 AM
I installed windows 7, opensuse 14, and edubuntu 11.04 in my computer (intel core 2 quad, radeonhd). When my computer is dual booting, windows and opensuse, it froze. Then I type 'nomodeset' in the boot option. Then success booting opensuse.
When I install edubuntu, I can enter windows, opensuse, and edubuntu. No problem. But, sometimes I can't enter two of them except windows. I can't type 'nomodeset' cause the grub didn't know the 'nomodeset' command. May be, it is brought by ubuntu. So, I have to enter the ubuntu command. I search google :
1. type 'nolapic' -> not success
2. type ctrl + alt + F1 -> ever success, but after that not success
3. type alt + SysRq -> not success
4. choose recovery mode then choose fsck -> success, after that not success
5. I put ubuntu cd, then boot -> success, after that not success.
So, any idea to solve my problem?
thanks for your help.