View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 - Matrox DualHead2Go - NVidia - Acer 22"

Imre Mehesz
May 29th, 2011, 05:53 PM

I have an Ubuntu 10.10 install (ubuntu and Xubuntu) on a HP PC, with some sort of NVidia card and an ACER 22" LCD Monitor (X223W)

The configuration as described above was/is working perfectly, I get the desired resolution (1680x1050) with the regular VGA input.

However, I decided to get a Matrox DualHead2GO (Digital Edition) to hopefully increase my productivity with another monitor. This has a VGA input and 2 DVI outputs.

When I connect my monitor to one of these DVIs, it says, "Input not Supported". So I started to play with my settings. I completely turned off the NVidia driver (I think) and reconfigured my monitor. The problem is, that it sets my resolution to 1600x1200, so my characters are fuzzy and when I play video (ie: youtube) the screen flickers and does weird things. (it's most likely due to incompatible refresh rate.)

1./ So the best would be obviously, if I could turn back my NVidia support, but when I do the monitor says, that the "Input not supported".

2./ if that's not possible, how can I change my resolution from 1600x1200 to 1680x1050?

I already tried to change the Modes in my xorg.conf, but also, my monitor says that it's not supported (probably because it's seeing it as a Generic Monitor maybe?)

Any help would be appreciated ...


ps: I can't install 11.04, because it's not working at all on this machine

ps2: it's 64 bit version