View Full Version : [ubuntu] Issues with Skype on Acer netbook

May 24th, 2011, 11:04 AM

I am working my way round the house loading 11.04 on the various PC's.
My son has an Acer Ferrari netbook which I have loaded 11.04 on to dual boot with win 7.
Specs are here: http://www.acer.com/ferrarione/specifications.html

Everything seems to work OK apart from Skype.
As he is physically disabled and can't get to my office upstairs (where my other webcam enabled PC is) I want to get this working for him so that he can have chats with family/friends.

For my office PC I had issues with Skype but found a fix to load PulseAudio and tweak the mic settings.

This does not work for the Acer netbook. The sound is crackly/distorted and if you switch the video on during the chat then the person you are calling can't hear you. So the video starts but the audio stops

I have loaded the latest ATI graphics drivers btw.

Any help appreciated.